12pm, Oxford, Ohio. I've been up since 8am on the first of 2 days off of work. A rare occasion as usually my off days each week are separate. I sit down at my computer and open up the HTML tutorial I've been following. I really don't know anything but my curiosity and image for... Continue Reading →

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A Whole New Home

Excuse the the cliche title ripped from Aladdin. It's fitting since we have just completed our move into our new house and since parts of the internet have been buzzing about the recently announced live action Aladdin by Disney. Alot has changed since our little Kings Island adventure, not all of the the best of... Continue Reading →


Kings of the Island

So this past week or so I paraded uptown as Grocery bag for charity and then went to the amusement park, Kings Island. Both were equally exhausting but fun. Now im sure some of you reading this are thinking "why in the the world were you a Grocery bag"? Well a little over a year... Continue Reading →

Side Note: Lazy Days, Ahoy!

I don't know why I build a web of twine in my hallway. It was supposed to be a cup phone from our living room to our bed room but I got bit overzealous with the twine. It also never made it into either the bed room... or the living room.  

What is Common Sense?

Took me longer than usual to sit down and write this one out for several reasons. Mainly all of them due to laziness but also due to lack of content. Last Thursday kicked off our annual summer of music festivals here in town. Each Thursday from June to August, local musicians and groups preform in... Continue Reading →

Lets Go to Town

  Yesterday turned out to be a pretty fun day. Took a walk around town and found a few little spots I had no idea about and then saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which starting to crawl up my list as Marvel's best movie to date. But right here, I want to show you... Continue Reading →

Urban Hikes

Things have been getting a little stale over the last week I've noticed. I've gone into a point in the year where my motivation for things is put on shelf for a short time. New events wont be happening until June so I end up just sitting around and waiting for the month of June... Continue Reading →

How Games Affect my Lifestyle

I want to take bit to talk about my view on aesthetics, lifestyle, and technology. So to start, i'll begin at the root of it all for me. Video Games and their influence on my perception of life. I know some of you may be rolling your eyes at this but it's the truth. In... Continue Reading →

Step Lightly but Step Firmly

Had some weird dream that involved fighter jets dog fighting low over a lake in very impossible ways and a secret way to open vending machines but the vending machines were supposed to be hiding something like a bomb or drugs and the enemy we were engaged with was fighting over them while I snuck in to find this stash or whatever.

Monday Relaxation

Today i've got to get a few things done. Dale's headset snapped so im going to take a moment to fix it, straighten up the house for an inspection tomorrow, then finish up some paperwork for when we move to a new place in July. Maybe I'll check out the antique shop also while im out also.

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