12pm, Oxford, Ohio. I’ve been up since 8am on the first of 2 days off of work. A rare occasion as usually my off days each week are separate. I sit down at my computer and open up the HTML tutorial I’ve been following. I really don’t know anything but my curiosity and image for this site are strong and without it, none of this would be here right now. An hour goes by and Leyna, my girlfriend, rolls out of bed with Avenue cradled in her arms. Morning talk is exchanged eventually coming to the conclusion that we would be going on little adventure to the College Loop Trail past 4 Mile Creek.

It’s now 2pm, shoes are on and feet are out the door and Nicias is in my pocket. First comes brunch at Patterson’s Cafe, next, countless stories and adventures with our fuzzy blue pals captured by frozen snippets of times.


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