Breaking Trail

After some soup, salad, and a BLT, we were out the door and headed across campus towards 4 Mile Creek. A relativity quiet walk with a conversation I forget the details of was had along the way. We arrive near the Thomson Hall Dorms on Western.
I never understood why it’s called “Western” when it’s on the most eastern side of Oxford. Anyways, our direction of walk drifted behind the building into a deer trail. An odd spot to start, but I curious to see what was hidden behind the wall of honeysuckle.

As expected, not much was there to see at first. A little inwards gave way to one of the thickest patch of May apples i’ve seen myself, an interesting little gorge carved out by a tiny trickle of water running through the patch of woods, and a large Garter snake that was either very full of food or eggs. Lastly was the strange placement of some folding chairs.

Nicias takes a seat to enjoy the sun.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the oddly placed items. Their particular placement in the middle of this trail-less patch of woods had me perplexed and intrigued. They weren’t even facing anything of interest. Off put by the strangely located seating, we continued our way through the woods towards the creek. What baffles me at this point is that Leyna, after the harmless Garter snake encounter, is being vocally paranoid by the assumption that another snake will jump from the brush to ninja her legs. Yet she had a pet snake as a child and wouldn’t mind if we ever got another.

We find out way back to the trail, our current destination is Collins Creek since there is a crossing point at the point where Collins Creek meets 4 Mile Creek to get to the College Loop Trail. But before we head down the trail, I back tracked to find a newly constructed tradition of mine to visit the Illuminati Tree. A tree (I don’t know the species, help me out here) that has one of it’s eyelets inside a carved triangle.

Unsure of it’s meaning, Nicias poses in front of the strangely carved tree.

There is a tin can there for messages and treasures I have left earlier in the year. After leaving a silly and cryptic message in the tin, we follow the trail for a short while longer before diverting again off trail. We listen to the achy sounding trees and Leyna comments on how cute she thinks Stoats are. Down a few more hills and around a few bends, we make it to the crossing point. We take our shoes off to cross over the cold shallow water to begin the second part of our day out in the woods.


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