New Experiences

It’s about 12:30 pm and i’ve just rode my bike about 5 miles down a hilly and quiet country side road to Huston Woods. I’ve been on a hiking kick this last week. Mostly because Destiny is on it’s down time and I don’t have the drive to play anything else. This time I decided to try my hand in an audio log instead of a notebook since my plan for this day was to hit the mountain bike trails for the first time. I’ve gone through some trails with my bike that were mostly flat and easy. This time was my first try at a real mountain bike trail with the all the ruts and rocks. The trail was about a mile into the state park so I took a breather on the lake shore.IMG_20170424_122109 Funny enough, even though I thought about the audio log before I left, I failed to check if my phone let would let me record via bluetooth. One would think that this wouldn’t be a problem but apparently it was too much to ask for from my foreign born phone. So with no signal, I scanned the area for any sign of wifi. Surprisingly, from the other side of the shore I was able to eek out an open wifi signal from the State Park hotel. A building I still have yet to actually see.

Fair warning here, this is all pretty boring to hear about

With the recording app downloaded, I gave it a few tests to see what sort of quality I was dealing with. My recordings ended up sounding like a garbled distress signal from the 343 Guilty Spark level in Halo: CE. It worked out well enough so I rolled on with it and started back up the hill to the Mountain bike trails. Along the way there was a group of Miami students (I think) in some sort of group session in the middle of the park.

Finally at the trail head, I stop to assess myself and my bike. With nothing nothing else holding me back, I start down the trail. I begin by following the green trail IMG_20170424_124052, or the beginner trail if you would like. It started off innocent enough. A padded down narrow path with little in the way. A few roots and a few curves that suddenly give way to a small drop into a stream of water. A bit startling, but fun. It was a very scenic spot so I stopped to take a picture. From there, the path stayed pretty simple. I’ve noted that all the time Im riding, my mind is pretty much blank. The only thoughts are that of what’s in front me. “Left, right, obstacle”, Nothing exciting. After about 15 minutes I make the loop without any problems.

The blue trail was the next step and a much more interesting run. The blue trail follows green for a short while before diverting into an even more narrow and even more twisted trail of rocks and roots. After a few shaky calls from the tires slipping on roots or sliding back on loose ground. IMG_20170424_125753I come to a steady incline that can only be described as a stair case of trees, I succumb to exhaustion and have to take a seat. A bottle of water at this point is my best friend. The area around me, like the rest of this trail, is quiet and unremarkable as compared to the rest of the Oxford area. I catch my breath, stand back up, and continue up the hill.

A little while later I emerge out near the other side of the lake. The path at this point begins to grind up against the lake edge. IMG_20170424_131310Literally inches away, if not inches, then parts are crumbling into the water. I stop near a patch of ground facing the water where someones fishing trash and a can of Mountain Dew were scattered. The view on the other hand was very nice. I ended up standing there for quite a while watching boats float across the lake and and geese flying low across the water. After about 10 minutes, I decide to finish the trail. The next few dozen meters of trail were narrow water side paths that nearly threw me into the water. It was scary, but exhilarating at the same time. Without any more issues, I push myself through the last of the hills and the rest of blue trail. I only had a breakfast drink for breakfast and alot of water so Im getting tired, irritable, and hungry. Finally at the end, I cool down by putting everything in low gear and slowly making my way to the park office where I know a vending machine is located. When I get there and put in the only $2 I had on my person, the machine decides to the public enemy #1 and eats one of my dollars, barring me from any of the choices. Adding to my level of annoyance, I cut my losses and begin my slow ride home.

Still with me? Impressive. Overall it was a good day, I did something I’ve never really experienced before and enjoyed it. I’ll do it a few more times this summer. Maybe I’ll end the summer with the red trail and have more to talk about.


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