Im sitting here this Thursday morning listening to music and waiting for our day to start.

I think they misspelled “Grogue”.

Up until now, I’ve been writing about things that have happened a day or two before the actual post so I have time to take notes and scribble down a preliminary write up. Today is a bit different. Today we are all going out to see 2 movies back to back and then a stroll through a place called Voice of America. More importantly, today is the day Nicias and will officially be revealed to the inspiration behind this website, Dale.

I wanted to be sure I had a handle on some basics before showing this site. For Nicias, the idea was for him to already had a life out on his own. A personality of some sort just in the same way all of the others have a personality. To do so, I took some photos of Nicias in various locations throughout the months that i’ve had him. Most of them are compiled into the Gallery section of this site.

Part of me thinks Dale may have already stumbled across this site since it’s existence

A storm rolled through while I was at work one evening leaving behind a wonderful fraction of a rainbow.

was slipped on an occasion or two. Same with Nic so I hope he doesn’t remember. But if not, whatever. Im ready to kick this blog into full gear. More than likely, after today, Nicias with change hands to his rightful owner and you’ll start seeing all the rest of the family. I’ve got my own personal and new edition on the way for future articles and stories. Question is, what his name be?


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