I find it ironic that we missed a movie in theater because of a movie being made. We are on the way to see the new Power Rangers movie in West Chester, Ohio. En route through Hamilton, road closing signs for the main street are appearing left and right. IMG_20170413_103614Dale informs us that a movie called The Old Man and the Gun is being filmed in the middle of town. Not being natives nor frequenters to Hamilton, we decided to follow our own wrapped sense of direction of the town. What we thought was going 2 blocks left and 2 blocks right resulted in us going through  some sort of worm hole into the other side of Hamilton, then somehow shooting past West Chester. Confused, we pulled up Google maps and redirected ourselves back to the West Chester  Theater.

IMG_20170427_165350By the time we reached the theater area, not only were 15 min late but that Power Rangers wasn’t even showing in theater until tomorrow. We cut our losses and shifted our schedule to see Fate of the Furious first instead in about an hour. Luckily a small strip mall was right across the parking lot with a Barnes and Noble inside so we decided to kill time inside.

I can’t remember the last time I was inside a Barnes and Noble honestly. Maybe 4-5 years ago? Im not much of a book reader. The experience of a book is not as immersive for me as a video game or a movie. Something you will learn more about me in this subject as time goes on. Nevertheless, I still enjoy wading through the aisles of books, gadgets, and knickknacks. As our hour came to an end, Leyna walks with the compete set of Neon Genesis, Dale a puzzle book, and I empty handed but satisfied with what I saw. It’s time to go see a movie.IMG_20170427_160822


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