We Watched Fate of the Furious and Ghost in the Shell

I’ve always wanted to do Movie and Game reviews. More game reviews rather than movies since im much more of a gamer rather than movie buff, but I enjoy and sharing both. I think I’ll start by calling these short and to-the-point reviews “We Watched” and “We Played” since it’s not always just me enjoying the entertainment. Some of these will be first impressions and other may be from years of experience with the content. Because of the nature of these reviews, they wont feature spoilers but rather my overall concerns and  impressions of the content. Discovery is for you.

In this particular day, we saw 2 movies back to back in theater. It’s something i’ve only done once before when seeing the opening night of the Dark Knight Rises. The first movie we saw was Fate of Furious.

This was taken during the theater PSA thing. I would never take pictures or have my phone out during the movie.

A movie I was excited to see but also worried about since Brian (Paul Walker)  was no longer with us. The rest of the characters are strong on their own and all add a little something to the films so that made me feel alot better about the movie. Much to my surprise, Fate of the Furious delivered what I expected and more. While so many scenes we ridiculously unbelievable, it made what makes the Fast and Furious so much fun. Fast and Furious was never meant to be believable but rather full of over the top moments and fast cars. The only bit that urked me was Mr. Nobody and his new little sidekick that I expect will become the new “Brian”. I can comfortably say this movie deserves about a B grade (Yea that’s right, letter grades).

IMG_20170427_202113In between movies, we headed across the street to Red Robins. The one in this area has some the best burgers i’ve had from a restaurant. Paired with a nice Stella, I was quite happy. Dale has had time to bond with this new Grover and we snapped a few pictures while waiting for food. I’ll be honest, I feel extremely awkward taking these pictures in public.

Next up we saw Ghost in the Shell. This was a movie I was even more skeptical about seeing. Im a big fan of the original anime movie as well as the show that aired on Adult Swim while I was little kid. I think we can all agree that today, Video Game and Anime live action adaptations often result in disaster. Im happy to say that Ghost in the Shell is not one of these disasters.IMG_20170427_195959 This film blended together elements of both the Manga (I honestly didn’t read it myself but im familiar with it’s contents) and the 1995 animation to create a fresh and entertaining take on the film while staying somewhat between the lines with the original story. Because they mashed content from both medias into this film, there are a few points that felt rushed. The art style took a more practical take on some of the technologies used in the film and the music was spot on. In fact, alot of the movie felt like they drew on the recent Deus Ex games style and music. In conclusion, the movie was a good take on the series and any fan with an open mind will enjoy it. I’d give it a -B.

It’s now 12am, a good day was had. 2 movies in one day was well worth the time and money. But we are all tired at this point and head home.


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