A Sense of Importance

So an interesting development came from today while at work. For the first time I was offered to review a product by a company. But first some context. Our house is filled with a cheaper alternative to Philips Hue bulbs which are Wifi controlled lightbulbs that change color and can be set on timers/ controlled through Amazon’s Alexa. These alternative blubs are from Lucero. About $20 cheaper but instead of Wifi they are controlled through Bluetooth and no Alexa. I don’t have Amazon Alexa anyways so no skin off my back. So I genuinely enjoy these lights. They can be set to timers, offer full color range, and even pulse to music. Down side is that because bluetooth 4-4.2 has relatively low data transfer rate and short range, Lucero’s bulbs can be quite buggy at times.

Same bulb as above, but now it’s Grover color.

I’ve been actively submitting feedback to them on each update in hopes that they could improve the platform so I didn’t have to switch to anything more expensive. Sometimes, i’ll admit, I got a little whiny in my feedback due to frustrations with instability. But in the end, I worked around it all and now my little apartment has automated lighting throughout the day and night. Fun stuff.

So while at work, I received a bunch of emails from Lucero replying to older feedback from a nearly a month ago. Mostly explanations for why things were acting they way they were. The last email gave information that they were getting ready to roll out their own Amazon Alexa integrated, wifi enabled, colorific bulb, I was offered to help give feedback and comments on their new product. Now I know, alot of you might be thinking “it’s just a lightbulb” but to me it’s a sense of purpose. I may get a chance to help shape a product I actually enjoy and make it better so that more people can get in on the simple fun this product supplies. It’s not a huge deal to anyone but me, but it still makes me feel like I’ve done something. Im sure sometimes you may feel like you’re not much in the world. I’ve found that instead of looking at the big picture for fulfillment, you need to find the small details within the big picture.


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