The Covered Bridge

IMG_20170503_121634For the first time since i’ve been here, we went to the local Bob Evan’s in town. It always came across as a low quality restaurant so i’ve never felt compelled to visit. There are places alot better to eat breakfast and dinner at like Patterson’s Cafe or Kona Bistro. But for a bit of a refreshment, we go and enjoy the whole thing quite a bit. It wasn’t the most spectacular breakfast, but I always enjoy going out with Leyna and friends. During breakfast, Dale and I were able to go over some of our options for and where we would like our satellite social media accounts. Good news, any of you guys that enjoy this content can look forward to finding us on both Twitter and Imgur. Links will be up in the header shortly after this is published.

After breakfast, we had plans to go see the famous covered bridge in town. One of the oldest landmarks in town.IMG_20170503_141151 I thought it was just off Bonham Rd so my plan was to go through the trail that starts just off the Miami horse stables. The trails boast alot of nice scenery like the hanging bridge and a vast amount of of old trees with alot of character. About half way down to our believed destination came fork in the path with a trail map. Apon inspection, we discovered that I was leading everyone down the wrong trail. Had we continued down the path, we would have had to cross over another road and then through a patch of woods with no trail for about another 3 miles. Not something any of us were in the mood for. We take a left to head around loop instead to go back to the car by the stables. Not all was a wash though. The return direction had alot to see. Toe shaped mushrooms, some very whimsical patches of forest, and a lovely picture of New Grover in the moss. My favorite yet.

IMG_20170503_152018We reach the car, all a bit tired looking. The weather is not helping as it’s a little chilly and grey out. We pile back in head over to the bridge. The whole point of this excursion was to head over  to the famous covered bridge to snap a picture at the angle you see it in all the pictures around local cafes. Unless you’re really into old bridges, the whole experience I felt was a bit underwhelming, but it was still neat to see. The old bridge still stood sturdy and it’s wooden structure was filled with peoples carvings into the wall. The oldest we spotted at a first glance was from 1995 but the bridge dates back to the 1800’s so im sure there was older.  The other side used to just be a dead end but not it boasted what I believe will become the 11 mile bike trail around town. A good use of the historic spot. It’s now 3pm and we saw what we came for. Dinner was still a few hours off so before heading home, we decided to check out the other side of the lake in Huston woods before heading home to relax before dinner.




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