A Usual Morning

IMG_20170504_092956This one will be dull. It’s a short post of my normal morning until work. It almost always starts with me rolling around in bed fighting my legs to floor to stand up. My cat Jethero is usually on my face or my legs making it ever so harder. After about 15 min, im usually up and in the living room. On days like today that I have work at 1pm, I make coffee and sit on the couch to sort my waking mind. Lately it’s been music and sorting through stats on Grouge, but other times it’s a few episodes some TV show or playing a game. Today it’s all of it. I played Deus Ex for a little bit then sat down to some Rick and Morty while I typed this little bit out to pass time. Unfortunately it’s cold and rainy outside and I have to head to work. It’s supposed to raid all day so I bet the day will be slow. It’s all good though, I enjoy a slow day from time to time so I can work at my own pace. What ever point you are in your day while reading this, enjoy it. Even on a cold and rainy day there’s something to be had. Like finding a quarter…free quarter means free gumball.


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