We Played Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Before I get into this little review, check out the new Meet the Team page. The last one was off to a bad start so I simplified it.IMG_20170506_110050 (1) Now, let me take a moment to tell you about one of the most influential series on my life, perspective, and even my visual style. The Stealth, Action, RPG game Deus Ex. This game actually spans back to the early 90’s but unfortunately, since I was born in 93, I didn’t get a chance to really appreciate it then. What really brought this game to light for me was Human Revolution in 2011. Since then, i’ve played Human Revolution through nearly 12 times and I just finished my 5th play of Mankind Divided at the time of this typing (im waiting for credits to finish rolling while typing this now.) One of the many strengths about this game is that with each play-through, you find new content, directions, ways to play. I can’t really boast the diversity of many games like I can Deus Ex.

Edios did a great job of balancing stealth and fun in the game. You have full freedom to chose how challenging you want to make it on yourself. Fully upgraded, no upgrades at all, brute force, stealth, or just rolling with the tide. Personally, I like fully upgrading myself and ghosting my way through the game.

But this game has a far larger impact on my own self. IMG_20170506_130421Everything from the music by Michael McCann to the aesthetics of the world  has shaped my  sense of style and some ways of thinking. I highly enjoy the contemporary mix with renaissance art style throughout the game to the point where I have mimicked portions of my own apartment to the same style. I have love for straight lines, sharp corners, and dark browns. The between the lines view on how technology can realistically be implemented into our bodies and the world around us makes the whole experience immersive with every replay (with some exaggerated bits in between. It is a video game after all).

The only points I found myself disappointing with was the chopped off feeling at the end of the game that I feel may not be seen for a long time, if ever, since Edios and Square have moved their attention to a Marvel Avengers game and the stiff animation and visuals from the characters and AI around the game leaving the presentation a bit lacking.

IMG_20170506_123027Now if I didn’t know any better and let my feelings get the best of me, I would say this game was a solid A+. But that’s not true. The game has a great score by a composer I highly respect but still falls behind a few others. The art and visual direction I will say deserves a high grade due to it’s realism and character. The game play is extremely fun but has a few hiccups and bugs that can be annoying at times like hiding in a vent but AI are still spotting you through layers of walls and cover. The story is well put together. The narrative and lore in the game is seemingly endless yet you never feel lost or confused at any point on why or how events unfolded. But the ending seems like they tried to go for a cliff hangar/ setup for the next game but instead felt like they chopped it off at the feet. I’ll comfortably call it a B+ game that resonates extremely well with me.


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