Something to Look Forward to

This is going to be a particular morning. No coffee yet, I’ve got a meeting with an FBI agent at our local cafe so a close friend of mine can proceed with his career in the Air Force. The whole thing sounds alot more exciting in my head than it probably is going to be, but still, it’s not in the norm for someone to be meeting with Special Investigations. I want to take a moment to thank Winta over at Wandering Outside the Box for offering to take one of our Grovers out on one of her trips. I speak for myself when I say Im all about having one of our guys traveling in the hands of a fellow blogger. Unfortunately not everyone here was too keen on sending out one of our cherished little guys in blue into wild just yet. But in the future, I hope that we can share this little side project here on a more personal level.

While free furniture sounds fun, the whole ordeal here leaves the town a mess as people tear into garbage bags and leave the mess all over.

For now, I hope that you all can enjoy what we have to offer from own hands until then.

Tomorrow I’ll have a day to myself. Well kind of. I do have to help out at work in the morning for a short while in the morning. With all of the students here finishing their exams and moving out,  it’s a bit like a tsunami. The tide recedes ever so slightly as the town goes quiet while the students are taking their exams and the towns people hunker down off the streets for the impending wave of moving trucks, vans, out of state parents, police, and scavengers looking for free furniture that is discarded on the sides of the road. Then by May 16th, quiet.

But aside from that, maybe i’ll go up to the small pond out on one of the trails. It’s supposed to rain but still be warm. A muddy hike sounds like fun.


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