Monday Relaxation

A another day off work today. Graduation and student move out proved to be less than what was expected by the whole town. Most years see a sudden 2-3 day rush of moving and cleaning services scrambling all over town. It’s the part of the year we both look forward to and dread. On one hand, we begin the 3 months of bliss in the town where the streets are walkable, the allys and not filled with vomit and broken bottles, and public events in the square are weekly. On the other hand, we have to deal with a blizzard of furniture, garbage, thefts, and abnormally loud parties (even for students) on work days. It’s all worth it. I love Oxford in the summer and it’s the main driving force for me wanting to live here.

New Grover sets atop one the most decorative vehicles and creative car in town. The owner, Don, is just as wild and free spirited as his car.

Today i’ve got to get a few things done. Dale’s headset snapped so im going to take a moment to fix it, straighten up the house for an inspection tomorrow, then finish up some paperwork for when we move to a new place in July. Maybe I’ll check out the antique shop also while im out also.


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