Step Lightly but Step Firmly

Woke up this morning after a very hard sleep. Had some weird dream that involved fighter jets dog fighting low over a lake in very impossible ways and a secret way to open vending machines but the vending machines were supposed to be hiding something like a bomb or drugs and the enemy we were engaged with was fighting over them while I snuck in to find this stash or whatever. Most importantly, I now believe I can open vending machines for free snacks (or I wish I could).

Some interesting developments came of last night.

That’s the shell left behind by a cicada nymph.

My friend Dale wont be staying with us for much longer. He felt this town wasn’t for him so around August he will be returning back to his previous home. It’s saddening but understandable from a certain aspect. Like i’ve pointed out before, Dale was the reason behind this site and it’s concept. Mostly this is for him. I hope he’ll join us here even when he leaves this area but if not, I still plan on continuing with this blog. I never thought that I would ever get into blogging, Im not much of a reader myself rather a person that enjoys records of the past, but 2 months later, here I am with a small group of followers reading behind me. Thank you.

Aside from that, things here have been going a bit slower. The streets are close to empty, I can cross without having to look both ways. The cicadas are starting to come out of the ground, I actually found a nymph still in it’s shell last night. Soon this area will just be one loud maraca shaker for a few weeks from the little things. Lastly, over the past few months, I’ve been restructuring myself and my lifestyle. Not to an extreme, this blog is actually part of it all, but I feel like I can becoming a more efficient person by making small changing in my habits over time. First was housing and simplifying on decor, then came presenting myself as a more professional looking person, then came more streamlined and defined organizational habits, next up is financial bits. Small blind steps. Oh how exciting this must all sound! Im rambling at this point, gonna go get my stuff together for work then enjoy some game time until then. Tomorrow is another day off and going out for breakfast.

OH! Almost forgot, New Grover has a name! Officially, his name is Eric! 


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