How Games Affect my Lifestyle

I want to take bit to talk about my view on aesthetics, lifestyle, and technology. So to start, i’ll begin at the root of it all for me. Video Games and their influence on my perception of life.

Mirror’s Edge has an art flat and modern arts style with a red and white theme

I know some of you may be rolling your eyes at this but it’s the truth. In fact, I have a tattoo inspired by the character Faith from Mirror’s edge on my arm. Alot of people see games as  nothing more than mindless and brainless entertainment for adolescents struggling with their pubescent angst. While working, I often have elderly and the uninitiated comment on my arm, asking “what is that?” or  “what does that mean?”. While I know the origins of it’s design and implementation into the game, I don’t think it has any “meaning” other than a representation of the type of setting Mirror’s Edge takes place in. A modern, Bauhaus style, metropolis, living on the cutting edge of technology. A style of art and architectural environment I yearn to exist in, minus the oppressive society within the game but i’ll leave that discovery for you that have yet to experience Mirror’s Edge. I normally don’t have the time to explain that it’s a representation of my atheistic style along with the reasons listed above, so I shorten it all to, “It’s a design from one of my favorite games.” Quite often the response is a very perplexed look.

I assume this look comes from the point that many (if not most) gamers that are viewed publicly are screaming at from their closed doors at the latest Call of Duty that their parents blindly bought them after falling to catchy advertising, glued to a beer soaked, Cheetos infested couch in a college dorm playing the latest EA branded sports title, or sitting in a shopping cart on moms phone playing Minecraft. I say these example because most often when I bring up that im an avid gamer, I am compared to one of these examples by the parents that raised or nurture these examples in their own home. On the rare occasion that I can explain my stance and how I think a good game is an immersive experience brought on by narrative, art, music, sound, and character, it usually ends with a scoff from disbelief that game could be anything more than a meaningless time waster or that anything of value could be gained by “staring at a screen for 8 hours”.

Recent Deus Ex games also modern and contemporary like Mirror’s Edge but exactly opposite. Black and gold colors with detailed textures. I take after this style much more.

I often look back on my past to highlight a few titles that I deemed “influential” on my lifestyle. These titles are: Mirror’s Edge, Deus Ex, Halo, Fable: Lost Chapters, and Pokemon. Now I will admit most of these titles have stumbled a bit in recent times in one way or another but their hold from the past on how I play games today and even my style are still felt and I appreciate that.My sense of style from the clothes I wear to the decor in my house is mostly pulled from Deus Ex: HR and Mirror’s Edge. Both are contemporary, modern, and innovative in design but add either character ( Deus Ex) or flair (Mirror’s Edge) to the flat and monotonous environments they portray. It’s honestly something I love about them. Now Im not going full nerd on my implementation of these style in real life when I wear cheesy graphical T-shirts and head bands and litter the shelves in our house with figurines and posters. It’s more of a practical implementation of the fashion trends shown. My coffee table is a black marble, sharp cornered rectangle. My couch is flat an modular. The lamps and even our cat tree are boxy and square. And (most) everything in our house is black, beige, brown, with wooden textures. When it comes to clothes, I choose to style business casual both inside and outside work so solid colored and mostly featureless collared shirts and straight/ slim fit pants with angular or moto stitching to give it that modern look without looking like some over complicated designer model. Practical and functional.


These same games also hold alot of political and morel lessons that apply to real world situations and problems that are currently affecting alot of people in negative ways. When I have more time, i’ll dive into that a little more. In the meantime, I suggest you play the titles listed above if you haven’t already. They do alot better job at presenting themselves than I can.


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