Urban Hikes

Things have been getting a little stale over the last week I’ve noticed. I’ve gone into a point in the year where my motivation for things is put on shelf for a short time. New events wont be happening until June so I end up just sitting around and waiting for the month of June to start and I get burnt out on things I usually do for fun. So to remedy, I think either tomorrow or Saturday I’ll do a walk of the town and go through the streets and alleys in detail, then on other days i’ll do a run of the campus and the residential side of Oxford. An Urban hike you might call it.


As I’ve mentioned several times before, the students are gone and that leaves the town very quiet. Alive, but quiet. This makes for a great time to go around taking pictures without all the awkward looks.

I’ve also noticed I never really ask you guys any questions to respond to. Maybe you don’t care or maybe you don’t really read any of this and just enjoy the pictures of Grover like I do. But just in case, I’m curious about your curious. Are there any questions about the Grovers? The Town? Me? This site? If so, ask away, I’ve got a lot of free time and any questions made I could further use as in-depth topics for future posts.


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