Lets Go to Town


Yesterday turned out to be a pretty fun day. Took a walk around town and found a few little spots I had no idea about and then saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which starting to crawl up my list as Marvel’s best movie to date. But right here, I want to show you all a closer look at the town section of Oxford, Ohio.

The center square is a small park!

Here, the town is simply referred to as Uptown. You’ll find a plethora of bars here in town as they are a huge source of revenue for the town when the students are in, several restaurants of the Bistro, Mexican, or Asian variety, and a few locally based retail shops and higher end clothing stores. One of the shops here is Wildberry, which to my knowledge is the only stand alone Wildberry store since their headquarters, factory, and founders are right on the edge of the main part of Oxford. By “main” I mean the majority area of Oxford where all the business and residential housing is. Some of you may know Wildberry for their sticks of incense which is sold worldwide. Next time you see some incense in a store, check if it’s Wildberry.IMG_20170527_123013

I started my little walk around town with a cup of coffee from Kofenya. It’s a hit with the students so I tend to avoid it during the school year because it’s gets a little too busy. But during the summer, it’s great little cafe that serves my favorite kind of coffee, Highlander Grogg. From the seat im at in this picture, I like to people watch. It sits near the center of town and an active intersection so you see all sort of weird interactions.

IMG_20170527_130349I actually planned a route on my phone to take me through some allies that I rarly walk through. Most because I forget they exist or are out of the way but they often hold the most interesting things around town. Unlike many cities, the allies here are actually a very safe. They are also a great for getting around busy traffic cutting through to parts of town faster. Like little worm holes. In these allies you can find a few small shops like a flower shop near the east side of town or the oldest bar in town, Mac & Joes. I actually really enjoy that place as they have pretty good food and a few spicy drinks. To make it better, there are actually 3 of the little taverns all connected from street level to underground, all of them are oddly placed and out of the way so they never get to busy but are all well known so they are a popular spot. I’ll have to show you Steinkellers some time. They have a guy by the name Accordion Dave on Thursday nights that plays German folk music and modern pop songs with an accordion.

IMG_20170527_130504The architecture of the town is something I’ve come to love. Oxford is red brick town. from the streets to the apartments, it’s all brick. Alot of the old buildings are being replaced with newer up to date and up to code structures. They all tread a line between an old English style and a new age modern look. Flat, sharp, and colonial. The wispy trims, curvy awnings, and uneven brick faces are being replaced with a clean cut cement trims and flat brick faces for a more consistent look across the town but still keeping the style and spirit of Oxfords history.

Cicada atop the parking garage!

I wrapping things up by heading to the top of a parking garage near the center of town. I had to be home within the hour to head out for the movie It’s the beginning of cicada season here so the little guys are all over the place. I rarely go up here but it’s still a really neat spot to look around. At the very top it’s almost always quiet and offers a few neat little views. Im running out of things to talk about. There’s a whole lot I could cover but don’t have the time for all in one post. The music festival in the square will be soon, the farmers market on Saturdays, the various eateries, historical marks. That’s just the town alone. Next time i’ll tour Miami. Actually I might go do that now and talk about it on a later date. Sounds like a plan. I’ll leave you with s few more pictures I took from this day and then I gotta go while the day is still young. One more thing, I’m going to try to make it a point to add a new picture to the Gallery page each day. The page is randomized in the order of pictures so it’s up to you to find it.


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