Kings of the Island

So this past week or so I paraded uptown as Grocery bag for charity and then went to the amusement park, Kings Island. Both were equally exhausting but fun. IMG_20170624_143804Now im sure some of you reading this are thinking “why in the the world were you a Grocery bag”? Well a little over a year ago I worked at the local Kroger here and during the summer I volunteered to play the mascot at the annual Relay for Life event which raises funds for various organizations and individuals fighting/ researching cancer. Now most people would think it insane to volunteer to jump inside a foam suit on 80-90F (26-32C) day, but I see it as a chance to be weird goof in public without the worry of public reputation being hurt. So I take almost any chance I can to get in costume, nobody thinks the person dressed up in character is acting weird, they are just acting and it’s all fun. So for the last 3 years I’ve consistently volunteered to hop in that suit, absorb heat, and be a fool all for the sake of my and others amusement. Best part about it is that I don’t even work for Kroger any more!

IMG_20170626_210656A few days later we geared up for an annual trip to Kings Island, a large amusement park here in Ohio and home to the longest, oldest, and one of the fastest wooden roller coasters called “The Beast” as well as a few other famous staple in amusement parks such as a 1/3 scale model of the Eiffel Tower standing at 315ft, a former record holding ride, the Drop Tower (Former Drop Zone), and multitude of other notable rides both original and built worldwide. Bottom line is that Kings Island is a must for any one visiting the state. IMG_20170626_221436This year a new coaster, made under the same algorithm that created The Beast and The Racer, opened up called Mystic Timbers. It’s hard to describe in words, but the ride was short and intense. I’ve never seen so many twists on single drop or around a turn. Not only that, but it’s amazing fast and smooth for wooden coaster. It’s a very unique roller coaster to say. We spent nearly 12 hours in the park milking all we could out of our overpriced tickets and loved every second of it. I was even able to take Grover 315ft up in the air to record a video of the park. Not a smart move but it was a rare event for us that I had to take advantage of.

After a week of prancing in the hot sun in a suit and running around nearly 20 miles between the charity event and the park, my body needs a break. Because in less than 2 weeks, we are moving to our new home!


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