A Whole New Home

Excuse the the cliche title ripped from Aladdin. It’s fitting since we have just completed our move into our new house and since parts of the internet have been buzzing about the recently announced live action Aladdin by Disney. Alot has changed since our little Kings Island adventure, not all of the the best of news.

To start off, our close friend/ room mate/ the inspiration behind Grogue, has moved back from where he came. IMG_20170714_075138It’s sad to see him go as alot of fun was created from the 3 of us. Moments were had and very little, if any, was negative. This little blog is defiantly one of the biggest footprints from the experience. We all expressed our hopes of a return but for now he’s needed else where and with him, the rest of the Grover family and Nicias. Staying with me is Eric, the trusty #2. Together we will forward the legacy and share stories of our time here in Oxford, Ohio.

Secondly and most important of all is our move to a new home. Leyna and I are now sitting in a new home and unpacking the last of belongings. We’ve been here for about a week now and have only just really started to settle in.IMG_20170720_101255 Im particularly excited about the living room as I’ve taken a page from the contemporary book and got a little creative with some acoustic foam to make some nice decorations on the wall. It’s something i’ve been wanting to do since I’ve seen examples of it in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.  Plus our new home is very close the tracks and the foam provides a bit of extra sound dampening. Functional art at work. Im looking forward to the coming years as we forward our living space.

What’s next to come? There is an interesting shift going on in work that may lead to new connections, old friends that have gone away have been showing intrest in IMG_20170720_101149returning to the area (like I did), Destiny 2 beta is underway and im enjoying all that I can out of it, maybe some new financial ventures. Really i’m excited about all of it and some of it concerned, but I can only know when we get there.We’ll see when the time comes.


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