Life is beautiful, you are beautiful, you are Grover, and Grover is you. Grover is life. Celebrate yourself and your life through Grover.

Grogue started as a bit of a joke at first. Dale would receive yearly gifts of a now discontinued line of Grover beanies made by Applause. Their adorable appearance made way for alot of fun in pictures and video clips. At one point, the Grogue idea was born.

-“Imagine Vogue but with Grovers”
*”Ha ha, ‘Voger’… no wait, Grogue”
~Some time in early 2017

The intent of this site is to serve as a gallery of Grovers in the real world first and a window to ordinary people, as exciting as that doesn’t sound. We hope for people to relate to everyday events to some level and to crack a smile at the mediocre pictures we take.

Here today it sits, the parody in the making. A journey about life and laughs through the image of tiny plush Grovers.

Grogue/ Grogue.net not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed with Applause inc., Sesame Workshop, or Condé Nast (Vogue Magazine).


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