A Usual Morning

This one will be dull. It's a short post of my normal morning until work. It almost always starts with me rolling around in bed fighting my legs to floor to stand up. My cat Jethero is usually on my face or my legs making it ever so harder. After about 15 min, im usually... Continue Reading →


The Covered Bridge

For the first time since i've been here, we went to the local Bob Evan's in town. It always came across as a low quality restaurant so i've never felt compelled to visit. There are places alot better to eat breakfast and dinner at like Patterson's Cafe or Kona Bistro. But for a bit of... Continue Reading →

Morning Bits and Old Bridges

This morning was off to a bit of a headache but it's not bad. I tried to transfer some website bits to a new host today before realizing I was in over my head to be at that point. Im just excited to have a website I have control of for the first time. Today... Continue Reading →

Wedding Bells

What a strange day. I woke up and sat down out in the living room to turn on some music and get coffee like I usually do on days I have work at 1pm. It helps me relax before having to deal with evening people and the many colors they bring. Being an evening person... Continue Reading →

A Sense of Importance

So an interesting development came from today while at work. For the first time I was offered to review a product by a company. But first some context. Our house is filled with a cheaper alternative to Philips Hue bulbs which are Wifi controlled lightbulbs that change color and can be set on timers/ controlled... Continue Reading →

Zacc’s Personal Grover

Nicias has moved to his new owner, Dale, and has joined his family that he was destined for. Now we have a new member that will exclusively belong to me and aid me on my travels. New Grover doesn't have a name as of yet. It took about 2 months before Nicias found his name.... Continue Reading →


I find it ironic that we missed a movie in theater because of a movie being made. We are on the way to see the new Power Rangers movie in West Chester, Ohio. En route through Hamilton, road closing signs for the main street are appearing left and right. Dale informs us that a movie... Continue Reading →


Im sitting here this Thursday morning listening to music and waiting for our day to start. Up until now, I've been writing about things that have happened a day or two before the actual post so I have time to take notes and scribble down a preliminary write up. Today is a bit different. Today... Continue Reading →

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