Mud Run

It wasn't until I got home after my hike to Bachelor pond that I realized I didn't have anything to talk about. Probably because I forgot to take a pen with my note pad. No matter. Everyday has something worth noting.


Something to Look Forward to

This is going to be a particular morning. No coffee yet, I've got a meeting with an FBI agent at our local cafe so a close friend of mine can proceed with his career in the Air Force. The whole thing sounds alot more exciting in my head than it probably is going to be,... Continue Reading →

In the Crowd

The other night, Dale and I went uptown to enjoy a rare event. 2 days in a row off work on a Saturday and Sunday. ┬áThis meant I could enjoy a busy night uptown and I love being in crowds. On top of all this, this would be the last weekend before the University's exams... Continue Reading →

We Played Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Before I get into this little review, check out the new Meet the Team page. The last one was off to a bad start so I simplified it. Now, let me take a moment to tell you about one of the most influential series on my life, perspective, and even my visual style. The Stealth,... Continue Reading →

Facing Forward

Oxford, my current home, is changing. Since I graduated in 2012, our movie theater has been torn down and rebuilt as student apartments, the old vacant Walmart building was flattened into an apartment complex, library, and store complex, my high school building I graduated from has been bulldozed and turned into a parking lot, crime... Continue Reading →

A Usual Morning

This one will be dull. It's a short post of my normal morning until work. It almost always starts with me rolling around in bed fighting my legs to floor to stand up. My cat Jethero is usually on my face or my legs making it ever so harder. After about 15 min, im usually... Continue Reading →

The Covered Bridge

For the first time since i've been here, we went to the local Bob Evan's in town. It always came across as a low quality restaurant so i've never felt compelled to visit. There are places alot better to eat breakfast and dinner at like Patterson's Cafe or Kona Bistro. But for a bit of... Continue Reading →

Morning Bits and Old Bridges

This morning was off to a bit of a headache but it's not bad. I tried to transfer some website bits to a new host today before realizing I was in over my head to be at that point. Im just excited to have a website I have control of for the first time. Today... Continue Reading →

Wedding Bells

What a strange day. I woke up and sat down out in the living room to turn on some music and get coffee like I usually do on days I have work at 1pm. It helps me relax before having to deal with evening people and the many colors they bring. Being an evening person... Continue Reading →

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